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How can I use MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) with my phone?

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How can I use MTP (Media Transfer Protocol) with my phone?



image Function


            To use MTP on a computer with the Windows OS, Windows Media Player 10 or a later version

            (Window Media Player 11 is recommended) is required. Please check  your computer’s OS

            version and following programs.

            - Windows Vista : Windows Media Player (WMP)11
            - Windows 7 : Windows Media Player (WMP)12

            - Windows XP : Windows Media Player is not pre-installed on a PC.
            -  Click the link below to download Windows Media Player 11 from Microsoft.



image How to transfer mp3 and video files to your phone


            1. Connect your PC and mobile device with a USB cable.

            2. Touch and drag down the notification bar on the Home screen.

                Select a USB connection method. Choose MTP.

            3. Export mp3 or video files on your PC to your phone or a portable device.

            Have the video file and its subtitle file (with smi or srt extension) in the same folder with the

            same name. Subtitles will be automatically shown when the video is played.


            Do not download copyrighted movies, music television shows, games or  songs. Damaged files

            or those in wrong formats can cause product malfunction.



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