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[Nexus 5X] Doze mode

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Doze mode



     As you spend more time on your devices, battery becomes more and more important for you.

     To save battery, apps aren't as active when you aren't using your device or when an app hasn't

     been used for a few days. Doze and App standby modes were introduced in Marshmallow.

     Doze and App standby modes targets at the time when you aren’t using the device and app

     and reduce battery usage in those scenarios.


     Doze starts when:

     Device is stationary (determined using significant motion detector)

     Device screen is off

     Device isn’t being charged


     During Doze mode:

     Apps not allowed network access and wakelocks are ignored

     Alarm clocks still work

     Wi-Fi scans are not performed

     Alarms, syncs and scheduled jobs get delayed until the next maintenance

     SMS, MMS messages, phone calls and amber alert still work


     Doze of when:

     User interacts with device

     Device operates

     Device screen turns on

     AlarmClock rings


     ※ NOTE : Notifications do not turn off the Doze.


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