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[G2] QuickRemote

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  • LG Friends, טאבלטים, סמארטפונים
  • עדכון אחרון 03/22/2018


     QuickRemote turns your phone into a Universal Remote for your home TV, Set top box,
     audio system, DVD/Blu-ray players, air conditioner and projector.



     Tap the Menu key to select Magic Remote setting, Edit remote name, Learn
     remote, Move remote, Delete remote, Edit room, Settings
and Help.

     ※ NOTE: The QuickRemote operates the same way as an ordinary remote
     control infrared (IR) signals. Be careful not to cover the infrared sensor at
     the top of the phone when you use the QuickRemote function. This function
     may not be supported depending on the model, the manufacturer or service



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