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[LG webOS TV] How can I optimize Audio setting?

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[LG webOS TV] How can I optimize Audio setting?



function Adjusting AV Synchronization


              home  settings  advanced setting Sound AV Sync Adjustment



              Adjusts the synchronization of the sound from the speaker that is working. 
              The closer to the minus sign (-), the longer the audio output time. The closer to the plus sign (+),

              the faster the audio output speed compared to the default.



              Bypass: Outputs the broadcast signals or the sound from external devices without any audio delay.

                               The audio may be output before the video because of the time the TV takes to process the video input.



function Using Sound Optimize


              home  settings  advanced setting Sound Sound Optimizer


              This mode optimizes the sound based on the TV setup.




              General sound mode.



              Stand Type

              Optimizes the sound when the TV is installed on a stand and the distance between the TV and the wall behind is 30 cm or less.


              Wall-mounted Type

              Optimizes the sound when the TV is mounted on the wall.


              The configurable items differ depending on model.



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