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[LG webOS TV] PC Connection Problems

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  • עדכון אחרון 01/03/2018

[LG webOS TV] PC Connection Problems


If you experience any of the problems below while using the product, please check the following:

There may be no problem with the product.



symptom The screen remains blank after it is connected to a PC.

              - Check that the PC is properly connected to the TV.

              - Turn the TV off and back on using the remote control.

              - Restart the PC with the TV on.

              - Check that the current screen resolution supports the PC input.

              - To use dual monitors, check that the PC or notebook supports dual-monitor mode.

              - Reconnect the HDMI cable.




symptom The sound does not play when the PC is connected with an HDMI cable.

              - Contact your video card manufacturer to check the HDMI audio output.
                (Video cards designed for use with DVI format files need to be connected separately

                  with an audio cable.)




symptom The screen is cut off or moved to one side after it is connected to a PC.

              - Set to a resolution that supports the PC input.
                (Reboot your PC after changing the resolution.)



             ● Information on customer service for product problems is available

                in home  settings  advanced setting   General About This TV on the TV.







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