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[LG webOS TV] How can I update Softeware?

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  • עדכון אחרון 01/03/2018

[LG webOS TV] How can I update Software?

how to use How To Update Software

           Uses software update to check and obtain the latest version.
is also possible to check manually for available updates.



           Check for Updates 

           home  settings  advanced setting General About This TV Check for updates


           ● When checking for the latest update version, you can only perform updates if an update file

              of a later version is available.

           ● The TV automatically checks your software version but, if necessary, you can perform

              a manual check.



           Automatic Update without notification

           home  settings  advanced setting General About This TV Allow Automatic Updates


           ● If Allow Automatic Updates is selected, when an update is available, the update automatically

              starts without prompting a question.

           ● If Allow Automatic Updates is not selected, when an update is available, the update will start

              after prompting a question.




           ● The configurable items differ depending on country.

           ● The latest version can be obtained via digital broadcast signals or internet connections.

           ● Changing the programme while downloading the software via digital broadcast signal

              interrupts the download process. Returning to the initial programme allows downloading

              to resume.

           ● If software is not updated, certain functions may not work properly.

           ● [For Finland/Sweden/Denmark/Norway]

              If the Internet is not accessed, Allow Automatic Updates may not be shown.



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