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[LG webOS TV] What is 3G/4G Connection?

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[LG webOS TV] What is 3G/4G Connection?


function What is 3G/4G Connection?



            This feature allows a smart TV to connect to a network using the 3G/4G network.


            ● To use this feature, you need a 3G/4G dongle USB. If you want to purchase

                a 3G/4G USB dongle, please contact a 3G/4G service provider in your region.


            ● 3G/4G dongle USB compatibility is available with selected dongles only. To avoid

                any inconvenience, it is recommended to check the functionality of dongle in TV. 
                3G : E173, E1731, E1732, E303c, E369 
                4G : E392u-92


            ● Browsing speed may vary depending on 3G/4G signal condition.


            ● This feature is available in certain countries only.




            Connecting to a network using a 3G/4G dongle USB


            1. If you connect the 3G/4G dongle USB to a smart TV, the TV will be automatically
                connected to a network.

            2. If the network connection is slow and unstable, go to home  settings  advancced setting 

                ► Network 3G/4G Connection 3G/4G Network Status and

                select Reconnect.


            3. If the connection continues to fail, contact your 3G/4G service provider.



            ● If you want to set the Access Point manually, go to Home  settings  advanced setting 

               ► Network 3G/4G Connection Access Point Setting, select the Access

               Point you want to set, and then select Edit to enter APN, Dial No., User Name,

               and Password. (More detailed information is provided by your 3G/4G service             




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