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[LG webOS TV] TV Guide

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[LG webOS TV] TV Guide


how to use How to view TV Guide


             You can view programmes and the schedule of each programmes.


             1. Press home and then click launcher on the bottom right side of the Home.

             2. You can start the TV Guide app.


                 tv guide


                 ① Displays an overview of the programme you are currently watching.

                 ② Displays the information of the broadcasting company.

                 ③ Go to the programme you want and then press the Wheel (OK). You can watch or record a programme,

                      as well as scheduling programmes to be watched or recorded.

                 ④ Sets the programme mode.

                 ⑤ Sets the filter.





             ● This feature is available in certain countries only.

             ● The configurable items differ depending on model or country.

             ● Applies to digital broadcasting.

             ● To search the TV programmes, click the drawer me on the top of the screen.

                 (This feature is available in certain countries only.)



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