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[LG webOS TV] Account Creation/Management

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[LG webOS TV] Account Creation/Management


How to use How to creat LG Account?


             You need to log in to download apps from the LG Contents Store

             In Account Management, you can use your email address to create a new LG account.


             1. Press the Home button on the remote control and select setting at the top right.

             2. Select advanced setting General    Account Management.



             3. Select CREATE ACCOUNT. Read and accept the Terms of Service.



             4. Enter an ID and a password. Your ID must be your email address.



             5. Enter your birthday.



             6. Select OK. Go to your email to verify your email address. Please verify your email before the time expires.


             7. Log in with your new account to start using the service.


             ● Internet connection is required to create an account.

             ● Required information may vary depending on the country.

             ● Existing IDs that do not use an email address can be converted to your email address.

             ● You can log in with your Facebook or Google account. 
                (Features other than login may not be available.)

             ● You may be restricted from the service depending on your age.



how to use How to manage my LG Account?


             1. Press the home button on the remote control and select setting at the top right.


             2. Go to advanced setting  General Account Management to log in.



             Personal Information

             You can view or edit your information of the account currently logged in.

             You can change the password or press EDIT to edit your personal information.



             Payment Information

             You can add or delete payment methods.

               To get adult or paid content, you must add a payment method. Press ADD PAYMENT INFORMATION to add. 



             Payment Inquiry

             You can view your purchase history and payment information.

             You can delete your purchase history. You can also activate/deactivate automatic payments for any content.



             ● Options may vary depending on the country.





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