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[LG webOS TV] LG TV Remote App

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[LG webOS TV] LG TV Remote App


how to use How to use the LG TV Remote App


             You can control the functions of your TV by using the app installed on your smart device.

             - The text input function is supported, so you can enter text easily. (Text cannot be entered on some screens.)

             - You can control your smart device as Magic Remote Pointer to select Touch Pad on app.



             1. Download the LG TV Plus app from the Google Play Store.

                 Scan the QR code to download the application. (For Android only)

               QR code

             2. Press theHome button on the remote control and select settingin the top right-hand corner of the screen

             3. Go to Advanced setting Network and set LG Connect Apps to On.



             4. Connect the TV and your smart device with same Wi-Fi network.



             5. Launch the LG TV Plus app on your smart device.



             6. Tap the Start button to scan for TVs that can be connected to your smart device.



             7. Select the TV you want from the list of search results. A PIN code appears on the TV screen.



             8. Enter the PIN code in the LG TV Plus app to pair your smart device with the TV.



             9. You can tap the buttons on your smart device’s screen to control the TV.


                  LG Remote App


                  ① You can use various apps installed on your TV.

                  ② You can control the TV programmes, volume, etc. remotely.

                  ③ You can move the pointer on the TV screen just like using the Magic remote.


             ● The app's screen and functionality are subject to change without prior notice.

             ● The functions require a network connection.

             ● The supported functions may vary depending on the country.



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