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Did you pair the Magic Remote?

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Did you pair the Magic Remote?




Symptom Symptom


              1. How can I use my Magic Remote?




How to pair Magic remote with a TV How to pair Magic Remote with a TV


              : Magic Remote needs to be paired before use.



             1. Turn on the TV and wait for 10 seconds. Face the remote toward the TV and press wheel button.



             2. Pairing is complete when “Pairing is complete“ appears on  the screen.

             3. If the Magic Remote does not work properly, initialize the remote.





How to initialize the magic remote How to initialize the Magic Remote



              1. Press [Smart Home] button and [Back] button on the magic remote for five seconds

                  to at the same time  initialize the remote.



              2. Once the remote is initialized, press the [Wheel] button to re-pair the remote.




                   Note : If the Magic remote is not used for a certain period of time,  the cursor will disappear on the screen.

                          Shake the remote right to left to make the cursor to appear again.


              The remote may not work properly when used in a place a 3-way fluorescent lamp and a lamp with the electronic stabilizer are installed.






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