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Purchased apps are not shown when signed in.

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  • עדכון אחרון 01/03/2018

Purchased apps are not shown when signed in.



Symptom Symptom


              1. List of purchased apps is not shown.





cause Cause


              1. Payment on credit cards can be made and apps may not be shown on LG TV App Store (






how to fix How to fix


              1. If the purchase was made in last 24 hours


                 -  If apps were not purchased on LG App Store but paid, payments will be cancelled automatically the next day.

                    Contact Customer Service for the credit card used. As the purchase was not made, you can buy the app again.



              2. If purchase was made before last 24 hours

                  - On LG Electronics website, call Expert Counseling to contact to cancel the purchase by providing card payment approval number, ID, purchase date, or amount.

                    (Customers will be contacted after cancellation).


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