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Is mosaic found on screen when TV is tested?

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  • עדכון אחרון 01/03/2018


Is mosaic found on screen when TV is tested?


■ Symptom
   Mosaic due to block noise occurs on test screen with rugby players.


■ Check
   Video test? : To see if customer’s TV screen error is due to signal/content, customers are guided to run Settings>Video>Video test.
   Video test screen with rugby players is as follows, and mosaic due to block noise may occur.
   It can happen as a compressed image is displayed.

  Video test?



■ Additional information
    ① The image is compressed from 6Mbyte to 580Kbyte. 
    ② Block noise occurs during compression and it is not due to TV defect.
    ③ If you have a high definition image over 6Mbyte, please try displaying the image on TV to check. 
    ④ To compare, also try displaying an image under 1Mbyte. Similar mosaics will appear. 
        It is because of resolution difference due to the image quality, not due to a product defect.

       ※Image size can be viewed on PC for step ③ and ④. Refer to properties by clicking the right button on the mouse.


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