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I can't connect to wireless Media-Box

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I can't connect to wireless Media-Box



To connect wireless media box


 How to fix

Your TV must be high-tech wireless TV embedded with non-compression and transmission technology.
Wireless TV communication is similar with walkie-talkie and you need to set channel of TX & RX module to connect wirelessly.
HRP ( Video & Audio data ) has 4 channels, A1~A4, but LG uses channel A2 only.
For LRP ( Control Data ), 60.32 / 60.48 / 60.64 GHz channels are used.
In the case of LRP channel, you need to set it under Wired mode and mac address is even shared.
It is called “Pairing”.
After pairing, we can establish a route between TV and Media-Box through LR antenna and send video and audio signal through HR antenna.
Media-Box is a coupling device to embody Wireless Ready.
As you know, you can banish various cables neatly by using Wireless Ready. But for antenna, it must be connected wired.
If you have TV and Media-Box, you can connect to the peripherals wirelessly as shown in the picture below.(IPTV Set-top box, Cable Set-top box, Satellite Set-top box, DVD Player, Blu-ray Player, PC, DIVX Player, Game console, Home Theater, etc.)


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