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I hear noise from TV

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I hear noise from TV



Is there noise inthe speaker or backside of TV?.


Howto fix

- Noiseat the backside of TV

①When you initially use LCD product, it generates a lot of heat so the fanrotates to cool off. And that makes the noise. Even though you turn off thepower, it can still create some noise for a certain period of time.  

For the products before ‘05, some modelsare equipped with FAN. Products may have fan or not depending on the size ofthe product and model.

② For products with hardware for time machine, it creates noise when operated.

When you connect external hard disc, it can also create noise.


-Noise in the TV speaker

① When using peripherals (Set-top box, DVD, Bluray, PC,Game console, etc.), cable noise or peripheral noise can be heard from the TVspeakers.  

Checkif you still hear noise after disconnecting cable of peripherals.

Afterdisconnecting, if you don’t hear any noise, check the peripheral or the cable.





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