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No subtitles when I watch a video sotred in USB

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  • עדכון אחרון 01/18/2018

No subtitles when I watch a video sotred in USB




Captiondoesn’t appear when watching video through USB.




Howto fix


   1.Check if the video file and its caption file are in the same folder.




  2.Check if they have the same file name.


     eg.)Video file : LGTV.AVI   Caption file:LGTV.SMI




  3. Ifthe file name is too long, make it short.


      ※ Ifyou change one of the them, change the other one also.










  4. Check the properties ofcaption file if there is error, or try with another caption file.


     ※ If the captionfile has error with multilingual setting, it doesn’t display caption. In thiscase, you need to change the properties.



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