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Does it hang when connected hard-wired or wireless?

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Does it hang when connected hard-wired or wireless?



Your attempt at hard-wired or wireless network connection has failed andinternet not connected or displays an error.

- Check the availability of router if you want to connect directly tothe router through wired LAN.

- Check the availability of terminal if you want to connect through LANterminal on the wall.

- For wireless network(WI-FI), check if there is password and enter thevalid one correctly.

- If the signal bar for wireless network is two or below :

Relocate the router as close as possibleto TV.

Power OFF On TV and router to reconnect tothe network.

Install the router at the level of TV,not on the floor.

In case you have to install the routerand TV in a separate room, install the router near the door.

Wireless antenna must not overlap eachother.







Howto fix



[Home]or [Smart] [Setting] [Network] [Network Status]


※ For wireless network connection, check the signal strength of routerat the right side.








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