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למד על התקנת המוצר, תחזוקה ופתרון בעיות באמצעות אפשרויות החיפוש שלך.

Do you have stain or dirt on the screen?

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  • עדכון אחרון 02/15/2018

Do you have stain or dirt on the screen?




When the screen gets dirty




Howto fix


Wipe gently with a soft cloth or cottonflannel to prevent scratch.


[Toprevent scratch]

When cleaning the product, complywith the guidelines.

② Use keys or toys with caution near the TV.

Whenshipping/moving the product, pack it thoroughly and handle with care.

[Toclean the product]

Wipe with a cloth in one directionto remove dust (see the picture)
② Dust: wipe gently / handprint, stain: moisten a cloth and wipe

※ Ifyou use chemical agents (acetone, benzene, alcohol, etc.), the product might bedamaged.



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