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I can hear snap, clap sound from TV.

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/19/2018

I can hear snap, clap sound from TV.






 Howto fix

- Clattering noise : This is common forthermal deformation products like cars, or furniture made of plastic and thisis due to temperature and humidity.

- Electrical noise : This is one createdin a circuit where a lot of current flows for product operation. And the levelof noise may differ from product to product.

※The noise is irrelevant to performance and reliability of the product. Weconform to a strict standard for manufacturing and a certain level of noise may be created. 



1. בכללי, באיזו מידה מאמר זה היה שימושי עבורך?
1.1 מדוע הכתבה לא פתרה את הבעיה שלך?

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