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How can I use closed caption mode?

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How can I use closed caption mode?



Foranalogue and digital signal, if the broadcasting station transmits captionedbroadcasting, user can use caption feature.

Usercan customize the font size, color, etc. for [Digital caption 1~6]
Select [Auto] or [Custom].
If you select [Custom], you can set font size/color/opacity
andbackground color/opacity.

※ You can select [Digital caption] for digital signal only.

※ You can modify the font size for themodels manufactured after 2009.

It is only applicable to digital/analoguesignal and external input. It shows caption on the screen only when thebroadcasting station transmits broadcasting with digital caption of Korean orEnglish.

For analogue signal/external input,user can select [Korean] or [English].
② For digital signal, we transmit Korean from [Digital caption 1] in Korea.
In case the broadcasting station transmits other foreignlanguage, user can check from [Digital caption 2~6].


Howto fix


① Remote control [Home] or [Smart] → [Setting] →[Option] →[Caption] →On


② Remote control [Home] or [Smart] → [Setting] →[Option]→[Caption]→ [Digital Option]

→ Custom: you can set the font size, text color, background, etc.



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