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The power is not turned off.

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/19/2018

The power is not turned off.






TV is not turned off with power button ofremote control and its body.




Howto fix


1. Checkif TV is operated with the switch on the main body.


※ Main body switch location variesdepending on models, please refer to user instruction.



2. Checkbatteries of TV remote control and check if its reception area is covered.


- Two batteries should be replaced withnew ones at the same time and check the positive and negative terminals ofbatteries before putting them.

- Reception area of remote control variesdepending on models, and it should not be covered by any obstacles (sound bar,frames, other objects, etc.) for its operation.

3.When TV is not turned on with set-top box remote control, the remote controlcannot operate TV as its connection to TV is canceled. For this case, contactsubscribed cable channels and check TV power operation setting with set-top boxremote control.


4. Useremote control after turning off the fluorescent light.
- Due to the interference causedby the frequency of three wave fluorescent light, the remote control maymalfunction. (Remote control



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