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I can hear snap, clap sound from TV.

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  • עדכון אחרון 01/28/2018

I can hear snap, clap sound from TV.



I canhear noise (snap, clap) while watching TV or turning it off.

 Howto fix

- ‘Snap, clap' noise: The noise which you can hearwhile watching TV or turning it off generally is caused by thermal strain andthis phenomenon is very common in plastic furniture or cars, etc. due to thetemperature and humidity.

- Electrical noise : As TVconsists of lots of electronic parts, there could be minute high pitched noisewhile those parts are in operation. The volume of noise variesdepending on models.

※There is no relation between this noise and product performance/reliability,and the company manages the process of manufacturing with strict standard.Noise at a certain level can be occurred.



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