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Do you see the broken image or no signal, when turn on the TV with inserting Cam?

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/11/2018

Dear. All


I share theCIC Guide for webOS3.5 UJ63/UJ65/67/70 models.


There isbroken image or no signal issue when you insert the external CAM.


please referto the bellow troubleshooting


Step1. Pleasenote that, Quick start + Shoud be set off it before SW update. settings general turn off the 'Quick Start+'


Step2. Visti search your model name Please find SW 3.50.45 and update your TV by USB storage


         (Refer to the exiting video guide for SW update mathod by USB Storage)


         If the customer don't know about 'Step2. USB update', Please let them know


         latest SW 3.50.45 version will be released after 5th APL.





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