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CIC Notice_Microsoft policy for Skype service will change in Global(20170203)_v4

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/11/2018

Dear Sir/Madam,

Pls see the attached file for detailed info:














Applicable Countries


Service Change Summary


Applicable Date 


Applicable Devices /Platform


CS Guidelines 









Free call service
(Call / Video etc)


 Creditrecharge only)


(Referto the country list below)


[Notice]Service termination of Skype for TV

Pleasebe advised that Skype service for Smart TVs will be discontinued duringDecember 2016, due to the Skype's policy changes and contract between LGE andSkype.
Thefollowing is excerpted and edited information of the support page

[Servicetermination notice]

1. The reason behind the Service termination of Skype for TV (Skype's officialannouncement)
- Over the years, users have changed the way they use Skype, with the majorityaccessing it from a mobile device – including when in the living room.
Eventhe 90% of Skype on TV users are also using Skype on another device, Skypehas decided to focus their efforts on delivering the best possibleexperiences to the platforms users are asking for.
Weapologize for any inconveniences this may cause.

2.Service termination schedules of Skype for TV
-Starting in December 2016, Skype service for TV will be discontinued due tothe contract between LGE and Skype.
-During 2017, Skype service will be removed from all TVs due to the Skype'spolicy changes.

3.To find out more about the service changes, please visit the Skype website.
1)Skype's official website
 -URL :
2)BBC Watchdog Wednesday (July 2016)
 -URL :


Service terminates
duringDecember 2016. 


1.TV (O)
 -NC2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 4.5
(only2014 model)

Skype’s server closure as starting from Feb 4th. 2017

(Now, previously downloaded Skype app will no longer be supportedfor its app service)

2. Media (X)

- Hotel TV
(Netcast 3.0/4.0 /4.5
WebOS 1.0+STB2000)



Q1)(After Dec. 2016) I would like to request a refund for the credits in mySkype account.
Answer)For credit recharges or refunds in your Skype account, Please kindly contactthe customer service or visit the website of Skype.
(Nocredit recharge functions in LG Smart TV.)
Formore information on the service changes, please visit the website of Skype.(URL :

Q2)(After Dec. 2016) What are the changes of Skype service for smart TVs?
Answer)Microsoft has announced that they are ending support of Skype for TV apps andwill not deliver any updates starting in June 2016.
Therefore,it has been decided to end Skype service for LG Smart TVs during December2016 as the contract between LGE and MS will also end.
Weapologize for any inconveniences this may cause and we encourage our users todownload Skype for free on their laptop, tablet or mobile to continue toenjoy the full functionality of Skype.

Q3)(After Dec. 2016) What can I do with camera I purchased for Skype servicewhen the service is closed?
Answer)After December 2016, you will not be able to use the camera for Skype servicefor smart TVs, but it can be used to take pictures and videos.
Formore information on the service changes, please visit the website of Skype.(URL :

Q4)What' is the Skype's official announcement for closing the service?
Answer) Skype wants to make sure they prioritize delivering the best possibleexperience to the users and regrets for any inconvenience caused by thechanges they are making on Skype for TV.

Q5) (After Feb. 4th. 2017) I’m a Skype app user with webOS 1.0 TV,but recently, can’t access the app.

Answer) As of December 2016, Skype had discontinued their appservice from LG Smart TVs.

Nevertheless, the app users from webOS 1.0 TV were able to use theSkype’s app service if their Skype app was already installed before theservice discontinuation. However, due to the Skype’s recent decision in theirserver closure to LG Smart TV, the app service will no longer be supported ineither way.

We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause and weencourage our users to download Skype for free on their laptop, tablet ormobile to continue to enjoy the full functionality of Skype.

[Skype's official announcement]
"Technology is constantly evolving. Skype for TV is years old and wasdeveloped specifically for a few TV manufacturers. Over the years, we’ve seenconstant growth on Skype for mobile and tablet devices and found that the wayour users access Skype in the living room has changed.
In fact, having looked at our user base, we can see that 90% of Skype on TVusers are also using Skype on another device. So we’ve decided to focus ourefforts on delivering the best possible 


[For CIC agents] Should you receive the secondinquiry about Smart TV contents & services, please contact the Helpdeskfor help.
Helpdeskprovides assistance to CIC consultants for Smart TV content & servicerelated inquiries. If you have difficulty handling your customer inquiries orneed to request a detailed review, please contact Helpdesk.

[Helpdesk Contact details]

-E-Mail :
- When contacting the Helpdesk, please provide customer information : E-mailID, country, TV model, wired MAC address etc.
* Note : Contact details of the Helpdesk (E-Mail) are for internal use onlyand should never be shared with customers.







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