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[LG webOS TV] How to watch 3D

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[LG webOS TV] How to watch 3D


how to use Watching 3D Images


            3D is a technology that displays images based on binocular disparity, giving the image depth.



            1. Play a 3D title or change to a programme that broadcasts 3D content.







            2. Wear a pair of 3D glasses.


            3. If you press the 3D button, the picture switches into 3D mode.


            4. While watching a 3D video, press the 3D button to stop the 3D video.



               ● Depending on the input signal, the available 3D types may be different.



caution Caution When Watching 3D Video


            ● It is recommended that you watch 3D videos at a distance of more than twice the diagonal length

               of the screen.


            ● You cannot watch a 3D video properly with shutter-type glasses that need charging.


            ● If 3D broadcasting that is not supported by this TV is adopted in the market, you may need to

               buy a device, such as a set-top box, to be able to watch the 3D broadcast.



Caution Caution When Using 3D Video Glasses


            ● Do not use 3D glasses as ordinary glasses, sunglasses or protective goggles.

               Doing so may cause injury.


            ● Do not store 3D glasses in very hot or very cold conditions. Doing so may cause them to

               become distorted. Do not use distorted glasses.


            ● Do not drop 3D glasses or allow them to come into contact with other objects.

               Doing so can cause damage to the product.


            ● The lenses of 3D glasses (polarizing film) are easily scratched. Use a soft, clean cloth to

               clean them. Caution: Foreign particles on the cloth may cause scratches.


            ● Do not scratch the surface of the 3D glasses' lenses with sharp objects or wipe them with

               chemicals. If the lenses are scratched, 3D images may not look normal.



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