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Do you see flashing dots (quantum dots) on the TV screen?

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  • עדכון אחרון 04/01/2018

Do you see flashing dots (quantum dots) on the TV screen?



Symptom Symptom

                   1. Twinkle dots are observed on TV screen.


Cause Cause


              1. OLED TV


                   As OLED TV panels use WRGB 4-colour  technology  with  8 million pixels, few pixels can be displayed on the screen as bright or dark dots.

                    It does not affect product performance.





              2. LED TV




                   Cutting edge LED TV panels have  2- 6 million pixels.  Approximately 1 PPM (Parts per million)of non-activated pixels can appear on the screen

                   as twinkle, bright, dark or  flickering dots. This is not the defect of the product and does not affect the product performance and reliability.

                   This symptom is also observed on TVs from other brands and products with this symptom are not subject to exchange or refund.


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