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Cautions when watching 3D video

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Cautions when watching 3D video



Read cautions carefully when watching 3D video.


Howto fix



Extra special care is required for children watching a 3D video.



When Watching 3D Video

• Prevent children of 5 years or youngerfrom watching a 3D video. It may impair the development of their eyes.

• Children 10 years old or younger arestill developing their eyesight and may have an excessive tendency to   

touch or jump at the screen. Adult guidance and supervision isrecommended.

• Since the distance between the eyes isnarrower for children than in adults, children tend to notice a greater

difference in the images seen by each eye. Therefore, even whilewatching the same 3D video, children may    

have a greater depth perception than adults.

•Young people of 19 years old or younger may respond with sensitivity to thelight stimuli of 3D content.

Excessive viewing when fatigued is not recommended.

•Elderly viewers may have a reduced depth perception than younger viewers. Avoidwatching video nearer than

the recommended distance.

•Watch 3D images within the optimum viewing angle and distance. • If you areoutside the viewing angle or

distance, you may not be able to see 3D images. You cannot view 3Dimages when you are lying down.

•You may see left and right images overlapped during projector initializationafter it is powered on. It may take

some time for optimization.

•It may take some time for the 3D image to look normal after you turn your eyesaway from the screen and

look back at the 3D image.

•It may flicker slightly while watching 3D images under a 3 wavelength lampfluorescent light (50 Hz to 60 Hz)

or near windows. If so, it is recommended to block the sun light with acurtain and to dim the lights.

• The 3D glasses must be DLP-LINK (DLPReady) type. • You may not be able to watch 3D properly if there is an

obstacle between the projector and 3D glasses.

• Install the 3D projector as far aspossible from other devices.

• If a future 3D broadcasting format thatis not supported by this projector becomes the standard, an additional 

device such as a set-top box may be required.




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