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Sound : No sound output

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  • עדכון אחרון 06/27/2018

Cause :

If the sound is not set to the TV’s internal speaker, there is no sound output from the TV speaker

IF using external device, connection status and/or sound output level of the device may affect to the problem


Perform TV Sound Test and/or Picture/Sound Reset function to check the sound output

① Sound Test)  [Home] or [Setting Menu] → [Setting] → [Advanced Setting] → [Sound] → [Sound Test]

  Picture/Sound Reset) Push [Silent] button 3 times  → [AV Reset]  the driver installation status


When using external speaker,  select output type depending on

the Connection type  Sound Out) [Menu] → [Sound] → [Sound out]


1) Internal TV Speaker : Default option

2) Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC) : When connecting external audio devices by Optical / HDMI ARC cables

3) LG Sound sync (Optical) : When LG Sound Sync audio product is connected with an optical cable

4) LG Sound sync / Bluetooth : When LG Sound Sync-supporting audio/headset unit/speaker with Bluetooth. 5) Audio Out (Line Out) : When external audio device connect to headphone jack with 3.5 stereo cable

6) Wired Headphones : When connect to headphone jack with wired headphone



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