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Why do I get a mild electric shock from my refrigerator?

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  • עדכון אחרון 01/07/2018

Why do I get a mild electric shock from my refrigerator? (Standard/Commercial refrigerator, Freezer, Wine cooler)



symptom  Symptom

             ■ Mild electric shock from a refrigerator




cause  Cause

1. If you are the only person who feels the shock, it might be a static electric shock. It occurs more often when the weather is dry, and the intensity of the shock differs by people.

                2. When it is humid in summer or if your skin contacts a refrigerator, it might give you a mild electric shock due to the weak electricity running through the refrigerator case or handles.



how to fix  How to fix

Make sure the outlet is grounded.

If you still feel the shock even if the outlet is grounded and the refrigerator is properly plugged, please contact the service center.

pic 1

< 220V grounded outlet >

pic 2

< Checking if the refrigerator is plugged all the way >




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