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I cannot close the refrigerator door. Why?

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  • עדכון אחרון 01/07/2018

I cannot close the refrigerator door. Why? (Standard/Commercial refrigerator, Freezer)



symptom Symptom

                Cannot close the refrigerator door



 checkpoint Checkpoint

                 In many instances, door cannot be closed due to food items stored inside.



how to fix How to fix

1. Check for any large-sized food items in the fridge or food placed at the front of the shelves. If yes, remove them and try closing the door.

2. If there are a number of food items in the door racks, this may cause the door not to close properly as they bump into food stored on the shelves. Remove them and see if the door closes.

3. If the door seal has become loose or detached, push them down firmly to place back in place.  

food in the fridge

4. This can take place due to heavy frost buildup inside the freezer. Remove the frost before use (For a direct cooling refrigerator model)


Ensure  food items and drawers are arranged  properly in the freezer  and check if the door closes firmly(Freezer).


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