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Why does water leak inside?

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Why does water leak inside? (Standard/Commercial/ refrigerator, Freezer, Wine cooler)



symptom  Symptom

■ Water leaking to the floor 




cause  Cause

1. Refrigerators have the defrost feature that melts frost; if water from defrosting is not drained properly, the water can
    leak to the floor.

2. If the machine is moved or an impact was given on the drain pan, water pooling can occur.



how to fix  How to fix (Standard refrigerator)

1.    Level your refrigerator.

pic 1


pic 2







pic 3  How to fix (Commercial refrigerator)

            1. Defrosted water will drain down the drain hole at the bottom; simply pull out the rubber cork.

2. To avoid flooding the floor, connect the drain hose to the drainage.

3. Place a cap on the drain hole if the product is installed in an area that is cleaned with water.

Make sure to close the cork after draining. (It may affect freezing and cooling)

pic 4





pic 5  How to fix (Freezer)

1. Make sure if the drain pan is properly assembled and wipe off water with a clean towel.

2. If you find water leaks during use and not during defrosting, door may not be closed properly. Please check the freezer door.

pic 6

 Drain pan



pic 7  How to fix (Wine cooler)

             Level the fridge to prevent water leaks.

             pic 8

             Leveling a fridge using levelling feet



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