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Is it normal that the front of my refrigerator get hot?

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  • עדכון אחרון 11/25/2018

Is it normal that the front of my refrigerator get hot? (Standard/Commercial refrigerator, Freezer)



symptom Symptom


             Front of a refrigerator getting hot







cause Cause

1. Hotline pipes are installed on refrigerator doors to prevent condensation around the refrigerator door and improve
    adhesion of the door seal by extending the compressor.

2. When the temperature around a refrigerator is high, the body of the refrigerator may appear hotter as it needs more
     energy to compress as a car engine feels hotter in summertime.   


how to fix How to fix (Standard/Commercial refrigerator)

1. When it is summer or a refrigerator is plugged in for the first time, the compressor generates a high level of heat as it operates longer to produce more cool air.

2. This is normal, because it takes more energy to generate heat in summer. The product might feel hot or mild from time to time.

3. Make sure to leave some space (5cm) between the refrigerator and walls.

4. Cleaning dirt off the machinery compartment can be effective to cool down the product. 

5. Having an electric fan on facing the back of the refrigerator also helps.




how to fix How to fix (Freezer)

The level of heat may increase and decrease. Please be assured that it is safe to use the product. Heat also helps to soften the door seal.
※ It may appear hot in summer.


Hot line is installed along the red dotted line to prevent condensation and heat generated is transferred to the door. Please be assured that this is a sign of normal operation.


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