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Why is it difficult to open my refrigerator door?

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Why is it difficult to open my refrigerator door?






             1. The refrigerator door is difficult to open.


Reason Cause


                 1. If it is F/D refrigerator, left door is more difficult to open than the right one due to its weight.

             2. The door does not easily open or close, as the refrigerator leans forward.


How to fix How to fix


            - Mullion model


           Q : Why is it difficult to open RL door on Mullion model?

           A : Mullion is an important component to seal between RR and RL door. Mullion on the left door flexes with a little noise when the door is open,

                 making RL door more difficult to open than RR door. This is designed for user convenience.



            - Slipping


           Q : Why F door is difficult to open? How can I open the door fully?

           A : It is a normal phenomenon due to rail slipping. The movement of rail bearing makes it harder to open the door.

                Force the door to open completely twice or three times. The door opens easily when the bearing returns to its place and slipping disappears.    


            - Auto Closing


            Q : Is it difficult to open F door at the beginning?
            A : The door may be difficult to open at the beginning as rail is built with features like auto closing to improve sealing.

                  It does not need to be closed completely, as F door can close automatically from a certain distance. 
                  The force pulling the door makes it harder to open.



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