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How can I use an ice maker?

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How can I use an ice maker?


usage Usage

                1. How do I use the ice maker?


how to use How to use?


                1. Ice maker is automatically filled with water, and dispenses ice cubes. 
            2. There is a limit to the amount of ice cubes accumulated. 


              for old models

             → For old models
Fill the ice tray with water and put it back in the refrigerator.

            ② Push in the tray.


       how to dispense ice cubes

           → How to dispense ice cubes

          Turn the handle clockwise. If ice cubes are not dispensed from the tray, turn the handle till the end.

           If water is not completely frozen, water can fall into the bin, making ice cubes to stick together. (It takes about 3 hours to freeze water at 20 ℃.)


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