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הכוונה וטיפים


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Drawer is off from the position

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/07/2018

Drawer is off from the position



Hanging drawer



1. Drawer is hanging

-. If you put very heavy item in or on top of the drawer, it may make gap or make the drawer hanging.

2. Moving Basket is hanging

-. If one side of moving basket is not fastened, it may be hanging.


 How to fix

1. Drawer is hanging

-. If the drawer is hanging with heavy items, organize and reassemble  it.
-. If the roller is damaged, it needs an inspection by a service engineer. Contact the customer service for inspection. If you just want to replace the damaged drawer, check the model you have and you can buy it from service center warehouse.

2. Moving Basket is hanging

-. Lay the moving basket in a proper place and if it is not level, lift up the hanging side until you hear ‘click’ sound.


How to move

-. You can move Moving Basket up/down.
-. When lifting up, hold in the middle and lift up slightly.
-. When lowering, support the basket with your palm and pull the lever at both sides upward then put down.



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