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Why is the refrigerator cooling weak?

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Why is the refrigerator cooling weak?



symptom  Symptom


             Weak cooling







cause  Cause


Cooling is weak when the temperature controller is set at Weak.







how to fix  How to fix

1. If the temperature controller is set at Weak, change it to Middle or Strong.

2. Cooling might be weak right after the installation. Cool air will be generated after 1-2 hours from the installation. Please allow more than 12 hours for the refrigerator to reach the desired temperature.

How to change temperature settings

1) For R-B547BM, R-B577HM, R-B577GMS, R-B577BML

Push Lock/unlock button for a second and tap Temperature Control to set a temperature.




2) For R-B547QM, R-B247GV, R-B247QV, R-B144GD, R-B144JD

Open the refrigerator compartment door and press Temperature Control button inside for temperature settings.







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