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Top Load Washer: Bleach will not dispense

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  • עדכון אחרון 12/03/2017


Please follow manufacturer recommendations to never exceed maximum fill line. Any overflow will automatically prompt the siphoning mechanism to release in the bleach the moment water starts filling in.


Second part of the equation should the wash cycle be strictly tap cold water no bleach whatsoever will be siphoned in, period. There needs to be hot or warm water for bleach to be dispensed. 


 So then, three questions need be answered:


 1. Does the selected cycle support dispensing of bleach? Bleach is not for all types of wash.


 2. Has the water temperature been selected to cold only? Need hot or warm water.


 3. Has the dispenser been filled past maximum line? Dispensed prematurely.



As long as the bleach dispenser is filled below the maximum fill line, the bleach will be dispensed during the final portion of any wash cycle. This statement is further reinforced by first warning appearing above: “Check clothing care labels for special instructions”

placing the onus on the customer and not the machine whether to use bleach or not for a particular load.


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