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Have you checked drain system installation?

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Have you checked drain system installation?



cause Cause


          ■ If drain hoses are clogged or installation is incorrect, water may not be drained.

             ( If water level inside does not drop to 0 within 10 minutes, OE error will be displayed.)



          ▶ Check drain hoses



             1) Hose is higher than washer.

             2) Hose is twisted


               drain hose incorrect


             3) Hose is clogged

             4) Drainage hole is stuck to floor


               drain hose incorrect




how to fix How to fix


         ■ Remove drain hose and press [POWER], [SPIN], [START] buttons in order to check drainage status.


         ■ If the machine drains properly, it may be the drainage hole causing the error. Please check the hole.




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