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Do you use a multi-tap socket?

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Do you use a multi-tap socket?




cause Cause


         ■ Power may be cut during use if the capacity of multi-tap socket is low.

         ■ If use of a multi-tap socket is inevitable, please avoid using it with high capacity devices such as an iron or a hair dryer
        and use rated voltage of 250V and
  rated current of 15A.



how to fix How to fix


        ■ If power is not supplied with the multi-tap socket, try plugging it into a single built-in socket on wall.
        ■ If devices connected to the power strip cannot be turned on, try plugging in other electric devices (e.g. cell phone charger) to check if it works.


    ※ - LG Electronics does not recommend use of a multi-tap socket.

         - For built-in sockets, if it does not have a circuit breaker, please call the service center for check.


            multi-tap socket



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