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Vibrations)Imbalanced Load_ Top Loader

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/06/2018

Vibrations)Imbalanced Load_ Top Loader




Imbalanced Load

 How to fix


In Top Load Washers, vibrations(Hitting/Knocking/Banging cabinet) are most often the result unbalanced load.
This is usually easily resolved without the need for service. If load placed one side on the tub, it makes unbalance spin.
Kind of different load like blanket and normal load or Small load less then around 2kg, it is easy to make unbalance condition.
Because our unit has big capacity but load is too small sometimes can happen. And also improper installed…
And  this issue happen usually that customer use “Cotton/normal or heavy Duty cycle” It can happen easily.
First of all, you have to check What cycle customer was selected.








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