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No warm air during heating (Preheat)

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  • עדכון אחרון 04/08/2018

No warm air during heating (Preheat)




check point Check Point


      1. Indoor unit does not blow warm air when heating starts.



      2. The product is preparing for heating.

           Indoor fan will not run until the unit reaches a certain temperature to prevent blowing cold air.



      3. Please check if a preheat icon appears on the remote controller.

          Refer to product display on the wired remote controller.


      4. If an outdoor unit has been left in a cold environment and unused for a long time, preheat may take longer.


          water drop shaped icons


                water drop shaped icon on remote controller

                Preheat defrost icon (water drop-shaped)
                will appear at bottom left corner of the wired

                remote controller.


               outdoor units

               Installed in an open area                                                                        Rear-side view

               (On a support)                                                                                      (A heat exchanger and grilles)


               defrosting stage of outdoor unit

               - Frost growth                 - Defrosting, thawing frost                                        - Defrosting complete

                                                                                                                                 - No frost or residues


               ※ Vapor can be observed as frost melts during defrosting.










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