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Why does a dryer not turn on?

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Why does a dryer not turn on?



cause Cause


       - When a power cord is not plugged properly into a power socket or power supply is unstable,

         a dryer may not turn on.


       - Press Power button and check if the unit can be turned on after plugging the power cord in.



how to fix How to fix


       1. If nothing appears on display when a power cord is plugged and Power button is pressed,

           check the power socket by plugging in other appliances.


               exclusive connectionf


       2. If other devices connected to the same outlet do not work, it may due to electricity supply.

           Please check power.


       3. If other appliances connected to the same outlet work normally, please contact the service center.


       4. Check if the dryer is connected to a multi-outlet strip. Please use it by plugging into a built-in wall outlet.


            multi-outlet strip



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