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What should I do when a dryer does not work?

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What should I do when a dryer does not work?



cause Cause



       - A dryer can turn off when it is connected to an extension cord or a amp rating of the cord is 10A. 


       - Child Lock is a protective feature to prevent malfunction due to mistakes or children’s play.

         When Child Lock is engaged, all buttons on the dryer will be locked. 

       - Wrinkle Free feature is a convenient feature when users cannot take out laundry after drying. 
         When this feature is activated, a tub will rotate intermittently for 10 seconds every five minutes
         after drying is complete. It may appear that a cycle is finished. 


       - If a laundry detergent or fabric softener is used with a dryer,

         a short circuit can occur and a circuit breaker may trip.



how to fix How to fix


     - When a number of electric appliances are connected to an extension cord, power may be cut off due to
       overload. It is recommended to connect a dryer into a single grounded power outlet.



     - Buttons on a dryer can be used normally when Child Lock is deactivated

     - Wrinkle Free is a feature to help reduce wrinkles on laundry when it kept in a tub for a long time after drying.

       When engaged, a heater will not work and a drum will rotate intermittently. 
       Progress can be checked on display.

     - Please do not use a detergent or a fabric softener with a dryer.


      child lock activation/deactivation


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