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Is filter clogged with lint?

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Is filter clogged with lint?




cause Cause


        ■ Please clean lint filter before use. A clogged filter decrease drying performance.

            If the filter is torn or damaged, please replace it with a new one.

           (It can be purchased from nearby Service Center)




how to fix How to fix


       ① Close the gas valve.


       ② Turn power off and unplug.


       ③ Separate the filter from the dryer.


           cleaning filter


       ④ You can either use your finger to remove lint from the filter,

            or you can vacuum it with a cleaner.

            Filter can be also washed with warm water and soap and then dried before placed back in.


           cleaning filter



      ⑤ Make sure no more lint is on the filter and put it back.


           cleaning filter


       ※ Do not forget to clean the filter before and after use.


            Clogged filter is highly likely to lower drying performance and increase risk of fire.




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