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What kinds of dishes can be washed by a dishwasher?

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What kinds of dishes can be washed by a dishwasher?



check point Check Point


       Light or small plastic wares can be damaged as they may move around on a rack due to water spray.


       ▶ Plasticwares with heat resistance lower than 90ºC can be deformed or stained during washing or rinsing.


       Silverware and aluminum dishware can be easily discolored due to oxidization by detergent.


       ▶ Delicate cycle should be used for crystal wares.

          They can be damaged in a normal or steam cycle due to a high temperature.


       ▶ Lacquerware or wooden dishes may be damaged or discolored.


       ▶ Coated dishware could be stained due to damaged coating. 

       ▶ Do not wash dishcloth and sponges.


           recommended dishware

                              Recommended dishwares



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