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What is UV sterilization?

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What is UV sterilization?




how to use How to use


        ■ An ultraviolet lamp (UV lamp) and cooling fan turn on after a cycle to keep inside
           of a dishwasher clean even when dishes are not taken out.
It is safe to take out dishes during UV sterilization (when St is shown on display).


        ■ The UV lamp will be turned on after washing, rinsing, and drying.

           As an inverter that starts the UV lamp needs time for preheating,
           the lamp will be turned on 2-5 minutes after a cycle, depending on circumstances.


        ■ UV lamp and cooling fan will be turned on alternatively for four hours after a cycle.


        ■ To start UV course, press UV and Start buttons.

            The cycle will start only a cooling fan and UV lamp without washing with water.
            As preheating of an inverter that turns on the UV lamp takes time,

            the lamp will be turned on 2-5 minutes after a cycle depending on circumstances.


          ※ Please refer to owner’s manual for how to set up and more details
               (UV lamp turns on for 25 min and off for 95 min, this is repeated once for four hours in total).



                UV sterilizationUV sterilization










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