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How can I set a water softener of a dishwasher?

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How can I set a water softener of a dishwasher?



setup How to setup


      ■ How to set up a water softener

         - Water softeners can be used to remove stains inside dishwashers.

         - Softener settings should be adjusted according to water hardness for an effective washing.

         - Salt must be supplied regularly to maintain water softener’s performance.
            It should be added before running a washing cycle, and Refill Salt will flash when salt is short.


       ▶ How to set up


       1) Please contact your water provider to check water hardness. 

       2) You can also check with a tester enclosed in a manual.


       3) Place the tester in water for 30 seconds. Take it out, remove water and shake it.
           Check its color after one minute.

       4) Read setting value corresponding to a number of color changes (hardness of water) on a table.

       5) There are 8 levels of setting values. A dishwasher is initially set at [H00].


        setting values


       6) To change the settings, please press Power and Separate Wash buttons at the same time.



              Please press Timer to save the setting value.




       7) To refill salt, please first remove a lower rack and open a cap of the water softener located on the left side of the floor.


       8) If salt is refilled for the first time, please insert 1.5kg of salt with 1 liter of water.

           Please use a funnel when filling salt. Clean salt around the water softener.

          how to refill salt


       9) Firmly close the cap. Otherwise, salt water leaked out of the water softener may cause rust on tub.


             clean spilt salt
      10) Please run a quick cycle without any load.

             If a dishwasher is not used for a long period of time, rust may form.




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