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[V10] New features for Voice Recorder

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/06/2018

New features for Voice Recorder



     During the recording, location information and the schedule information are saved. You can 
     view them in the voice recording list.  During the voice recording search, you can utilize 
     the location and schedule information.

     1. Press the Location or Event before starting to record to tag the recording with this 

     2. When the recording is over, the location or schedule information is displayed together 
         in the list.


     3. You can search recording file with location or schedule information.

     4. Schedule can bring the today’s schedule information in the Calendar app.

     5. If there is only one scheduled event for the day, when you press schedule button, 
         the corresponding schedule is added.

     6. If there are several scheduled events they are displayed in order. Simple select 
         the one from the list you want to associate with.

     7. If there is no scheduled events, it will not be added.




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