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[MC] Phone App

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  • עדכון אחרון 03/15/2018

Phone App

Youcan set up the screens provided when running the phone app.

Inthe Phone app, touch the ︙ in the top right corner and select "Defaultscreen" and select "Dial".

Ifyou block numbers in the Phone or Messaging apps, all calls and messages fromblocked numbers will be blocked.

Howto opt out of settings

   - SelectAdd number in 'Settings>Networks>Call>Call blocking&Declinewith message>Blocked>Select '+''


Note: You can not check a phone call that isreceived from the Android 7.0 Nougat OS version on the receiving block number.Receiving Blocked messages can be checked in the message settings under"message settings > Message blocking > Blocked numbers"





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