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[LG G4]What is Smart Bulletin?

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What is Smart Bulletin?




explanation Function

   1. It is a information bulletin to display integrated useful information provided by the phone (without the need to access each app)
               on  the home screen for efficient use .
            2. Provided by Smart Bulletin: LG Health, Calendar, Music, Smart Settings, Q-remote, and Smart tip
           -Calendar, LG Health, Smart Settings: provide today’s schedule or current settings


           -Q-remote/Music helps to directly run major functions


           -Smart tip : Offer tips for new functions



           -You can freely download and run the 3rd party and carrier apps to access various content at a glance.

How to use How to use

           1. Move left on the home screen to view Smart Bulletin is provided in G page.


            Smart bulletin


           2. It filters and provides the essential information to enable easy  and quick access to various functions on your mobile phone.


            Provided by Smart Bulletin


           3. Frequently used functions can be selected and changed in their order.

               Download apps to have a wider range of content in one screen.

            Smart bulletin apps


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